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Land, Sky and Waterways 2023
Land, Sky and Waterways 2023

Land, Sky and Waterways 2023

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This workshop will be a hands-on workshop that will trouble the dominant educational discourses about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander’s correspondences to country.
During the morning we will explore a local park where we will sit, listen, feel and explore.

Intentions of the workshop: For participants to:
Reflect on the ecological and cultural perspective of removing materials from country
Sensitively explore the environment as hunters and collectors ecologically and spiritually
Investigate the qualities of collected materials to learn to respect Aboriginal cultural integrity

We will draw on Tim Ingold’s definition of correspondences.
“Correspondence is a process,
Correspondence is open-ended: it aims for no fixed destination or final conclusion,
Correspondences are dialogical” (Ingold, 2021, p.11).
Participants will be guided to tread carefully and quietly, respecting, listening and caring for
country. Everyone will be encouraged to participate and experience uncertainty.
The design of this workshop only allows for small numbers therefore it will fill quickly.  Don’t miss out.

Saturday 13th May 9- 1pm.

Address:  4/18 George Street, Sandringham.

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