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Educational Leadership

Have you had difficulty securing a highly qualified and experienced educational leader at your service? Or do you need your educational leader to be professionally supported in their role with capacity building opportunities?

ECH is introducing two new services from 1 August 2020 that might assist you in both of these endeavours.

Our new Educational Leadership program supports Educational Leadership and your quest for Exceeding practice at your service.  Statistics from ACECQA show that services that attain an 'Exceeding' rating in Quality Area 7 has a strong correlation with an 'Exceeding' rating in Quality Area 1.

The benefits of strong educational leadership are:

  • a child's right to be cared for and educated by a competent educator is recognised
  • enhanced wellbeing of educators who feel supported and have a strong sense of purpose and direction
  • enhanced wellbeing of educators who recognised for their strengths, who are confident to ask questions and ask for help without being 'criticised'. Professionalism is enhanced.
  • retention of staff who begin to feel professionally nourished and wish to develop career paths
  • engagement with families, with the potential to build occupancy and positive 'word of mouth' marketing of your service.

 How does it work?

Your service signs up for a contract period of 6 months or 1 year.  You choose your frequency of educational leadership visits (weekly or fortnightly) or mentoring and coaching sessions (fortnightly or monthly is recommended).  

Do you need an experienced and competent educational leader who can?


  • Support understanding the theories relating to early childhood, approved learning frameworks, ethical standards and contemporary best practice approaches to teaching and learning,
  • A mentor who is willing to coach and support educators with varying levels of knowledge and experience,
  • offer a wide variety of professional learning programs
  • challenge educators to think critically and analyse dominant or conventional practice and ideas
  • build capacity
  • empower educators. ……..then this program is for you.

If you think your educational leader needs support to:

  • build their knowledge, skills and competencies ……..then we also have a program for you.

O'Neill, M.Ed (Early Childhood) will regularly visit your service (depending on the choices you make in your contract) and will undertake the role of educational leader or will support your educational leader online.

If you have been having difficulty securing an educational leader with the appropriate skills and experience to undertake this critical role at your service or your Educational Leader would like to be supported in their professional learning, then this new program, offered by Early Childhood Hub is for you.

Don't waste any time.  Indications are that this program will be popular and will book out quickly.  Call Kerrie O'Neill on 0419 524 989 today for a quote and to secure this opportunity.

“Studies show that leadership can positively impact on the quality of the centre as a workplace, the quality of the education provided and the developmental outcomes achieved by children over time” (Waniganayake et al., 2017).