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Design and implement a curriculum

“Learning is a process of constructing meaning while knowledge, in the words of Reggio’s co-founder Loris Malaguzzi, is like “a tangle of spaghetti with no beginning, middle or end, but always shooting off in new directions.” Peter Moss.

Educators should participate in ongoing professional learning in order to consistently critically reflect on practice.
In-house professional learning workshops available for delivery in your own centre.

Design and implement a curriculum

What are your intentions for furthering learning and development?  What strategies and learning experiences will you provide for children?  How do you draw from each child's knowledge, strengths, ideas, culture, potentials and interests in your program planning? How do you extend children's thinking?

If you and your service are aiming for an Exceeding rating, then this workshop is for you.

Let's move beyond providing 'activities' for children and let's think about thoughtful, deliberate and purposeful planning. Intentionality in the planning process is a recognised approach that scaffolds each child's learning and development.

This workshop will address the following elements that all contribute to the design of a quality curriculum for the learning and development of children:

  • a cycle of planning
  • intentional, thoughtful, deliberate and purposeful planning
  • intentional environments that support the learning of children
  • pedagogical values and beliefs
  • your image of the child
  • planning tools

This workshop can be offered for two or three hours depending on your preference.  Contact us on 0419 524 989 for a quote.